10 Years iQuest Brasov

Cornelius Brody, Csabo Trucza and Laszlo Nagy talking at the iQuest 10 Years Anniversary Party in Brasov, Oct 16, 2012

He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Agrippa once said “ten is the number of all or the universal number, and the complete number marking the full course of life.” Ten is also an important (milestone) for the iQuest Brasov office. We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year and we’re looking back at the humble beginnings, the people, the moments, the memories. Our course of life in Brasov is still in full swing.

I talked to one of iQuest Brasov’s “Founding Fathers”, László Nagy, about the past ten years and the way forward:


How Did It Begin? Why Brasov?

It all started in 2002, about five years after our iQuest Cluj location was already open. It was an opportunity to enter the local job market. Brasov had talented people and good programmers even back then. That’s how the initial core  appeared, consisting of four employees who worked out of a studio apartment, in the same building as the new Brasov City Hall.



In the beginning there was a lot of commuting from the newly established location in Brasov and the main development centre in Cluj. Three of the initial employees came to Cluj and stayed for about four months in order to work with the teams there.

The year after that, in May, we had our first client and we started hiring more people. We were working with a new client, Pinnacle, on developing a new product. Based on the growing needs of the project, we reached over 20 employees in about a year and a half.

Another important moment was when we brought on our second important client after about four years. There was an initial team which eventually doubled over the span of two months.


What Was the Hardest Moment?

I think it was when we doubled our size within about two months. We went from 24 people to over 50 once we landed our second significant client. This “boom” was a real challenge and a great exercise for the future growth that needed to be well managed.


What Was the Most Rewarding Experience?

Looking back, that was probably the moment when we learned the news that the product we helped develop for Pinnacle reached the American market and it was a great success. It was the most sold product in its category.

Also, simple things like walking into a Media Markt store and seeing our product on the shelves, provided us with unique moments of realising that our work is not only approved and well appreciated by the customer, but that we were contributing to people’s lives around the globe.


Way Ahead: Business and People

They say that “He who fails to plan, plans to fail” and this is true not only for a company or when doing business. This is true in every aspect of life.
As of now, we have already established the first business unit: TELECOM a business vertical specialisation, mainly active from the office here in Brasov.. We have doubled our office space so there are two Brasov locations now. We will also continue our usual activity and focus on projects together with our colleagues in Cluj and Sibiu.


We are always looking for new colleagues specialised in various fields like: Telecom, Java Technologies, .NET, Testing. Even when there are no officially available positions, we are always on the lookout and we want to bring in people with experience, so feel free to browse our jobs listings or send an email to let us know what value you can add to iQuest.

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