15 years of iQuest

We celebrate this year our 15th anniversary and it is a good time to look back and evaluate the journey so far. We wanted to be the best software company around and I am proud to say we’ve managed to surpass our expectations. As any dream, this one was drafted out of imagination, passion and the combined efforts of all our people. The reality we all enjoy today is therefore so much rewarding.

From 5 to 500 people, from humble beginnings to working with major international clients, we adapted and managed a healthy growth, never forgetting the past, but setting our eyes on the future ahead. We’re even happier to see that our DNA, the way we work together and the values we have and share, are spread into the community and are felt by both competitors and clients.

Growing with our clients helps us cope with more and more complex challenges, while we are doing things we did not even dream of doing 15 years ago. We are more present today in the western markets than ever before and we’re taking steps as we speak towards being a preferred LocalNearshore partner for more clients.

Here’s to the next 15 years!


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