2011 Mobile Year In Review

2011 Mobile Year Review

In 2011, the mobile space saw profound growth and a vast array of new wireless innovations and services emerge. Our annual video, The 2011 Mobile Year in Review, takes a look at the major accomplishments and ground-breaking developments in the wireless space this year.

Among the key highlights:

Whopping increase in app creation and downloads:

ONE BILLION apps downloaded worldwide each month

 $3 BILLION paid by Apple alone to independent apps developers.


Surge in use of social media mobile platforms

166 PERCENT increase in Facebook Mobile users in the first half of 2011 alone.

103 MILLION wireless tweets were posted each day

ONE BILLION Foursquare check-ins.

26 PHOTOS were made “hipstery” on Instagram every second


Ongoing explosion in data traffic 

EIGHT TRILLION texts were sent – up 1.1 trillion from last year

1800 PERCENT increase in traffic on US networks in four years


Unprecedented competition and choice

MORE SMARTPHONES purchased than PCs in the United States


TWO BILLION networked mobile devices by 2015

4G SERVICES being rolled out by at least six carriers in 2011 alone


Massive potential for job creation and economic growth:

2.4 MILLION American jobs supported by wireless

$27.5 BILLION investment in U.S. mobile networks by wireless carriers

500,000 JOBS & $400 BILLION to U.S. GDP from building out 500 MHz of additional spectrum for mobile


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