3+1 with Cristian Manafu, Manager, Evensys

We are starting a new series on the iQuest blog today, it is called “3+1 Questions for…”, through which we will try to bring a specialist from different business and innovation areas. Our first guest is Cristian Manafu, Manager at Evensys.

Social Media does not only belong to the Marketing department. HR, Sales, Product Development and others have to get involved.

An event manager at Evensys and Eventive, blogger at Manafu.ro, trainer and social media consultant at The Connector, Cristi covers a wide range of new media themes in Romania, teaching companies and specialists alike how to “adjust” their digital presence.

I attended the sixth edition of the Digital Marketing Forum between 22-23 February, which he organized and asked him to answer some questions about corporate Social Media activity. Even though we find ourselves in a good position in Romania, from this point of view, we still have a long way to go.

What do you think about the way Romanian companies use Social Media? What is your company doing about it?


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