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Totoya Creatures is an example of a startup built with dedication and innovation, laking the “big” resource. It came in the spotlight with the help of the fantastic impact it had with on children and adults alike.

On February 22, 2012, participating at the Digital Marketing Forum 2012, I met Gergo Csikos, as one of the speakers at the Event. Gergo and his Team at Carnation Group, starting from a specific need (they have some 30 children of the employees, who sometime visit the offices and make lots of noise) thought of something innovative that will help both the kids and their parents.

From the original idea to the physical product in less than 3 months.

Having an almost zero budget, working outside business hours with some employees, they combined their ideas into producing what you see in the video above. Yeti YetYet and Robotto are one of a kind smart toys which hide inside themselves the iPad and iPhone. Created for the small ones, and not only for them, they dress the gadgets and are brought to life by the help of a free app that anyone can download from the AppStore.

First order came from Japan.

To no surprise, the first order came from Japan. Maybe the fact that “Totoya” is also the name of an island in the Lau archipelago of Fiji. They already sold hundreds of them and plans for targeting several market areas are under development.

To put it short: a genius idea, developed with passion and inventivity, almost lacking any budget and which “caught” to the public. You can see a demo video here.

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