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John F. Kennedy once said “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” With this in mind, what better way to invest in them, than through education? This is the story of Ben’s Laboratory.

How it all started

We have always been keen on science and non-formal education, so when the Stiintescu funding programme launched in Sibiu we thought it would be a great idea to combine these two into the project called “Ben’s Laboratory”. We were fortunate enough to receive the necessary financial support.

What is Ben’s Laboratory?

Ben’s Laboratory represents the team effort of 13 dedicated people. Its purpose is to reveal the wonders of microscopy to 48 children (from the 5th grade to the 7th grade). The kids learn how to use a microscope and with it they discover what various things consist of. They analyse different minerals, rocks, fruits & vegetables, flowers, insects, microorganisms, and even human tissue.

Ben's Laboratory Collage

In addition to this, the children also work on their public speaking and teamwork abilities and have the opportunity to develop their sense of research and curiosity. At the end of the project they will create a photo album with the findings from their experiments.

The project takes place from June to August 2015 at the Astra Library in Sibiu and is divided into 3 editions for groups of 16 children each.

Get your child involved!

Participation at Ben’s Laboratory is free, so do make sure to register your child into the programme. Check out our official Facebook page for extra information and constant updates. If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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