Brasov Intersport Half Marathon


We are always glad to find out about colleagues who love sports and participate in events and represent “the iQuest banner”. The Brasov Intersport Half Marathon took place recently. There were 770 runners, 531 took part in the half marathon and 239 took part in the cross-country race. Four iQuest colleagues participated, one in the cross-country race and three in the half marathon.

The half marathon route was 21km long with a positive level difference of around 640 metres while the cross country race route was 10km long with a positive level difference of 380 metres.

Both routes were difficult due to mud and the winner’s time for the half marathon was 01:15:05 and 00:40:32 for the cross-country race.

You can see our colleagues’ result below (without age or gender categories).

Cross Country Race (10 km) – 239 participants:

Claudia Harbu – 10km – 01:29:55

Half Marathon Open (21 km) – 531 participants:

Olimpiu Alexa-Pop – 02:48:43

Andrei Oniga – 03:02:17

Sorin Antohi – 1:38:51

Congratulations to the participants and we encourage you to play sports and remain healthy.

What sport do you play in your free time?


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