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iQuest participates in the Habitat for Humanity Cluj 2013 Project When I first heard about the call for volunteers in a Habitat for Humanity Cluj project, there was no doubt this was going to be a great experience, as it was last year too. Construction work? Electric drills, heavy bricks and circular saws? I’ll be there. So we set off joyfully on a quiet Saturday morning, all eager to roll up our sleeves and see what building a house is really about.

We quickly took up our duties with a lot of enthusiasm and conscientiousness, carefully listening to our chief’s instructions and making sure everything goes as planned. Coffee break? Who needs that? We can still share a joke or two while keeping to our tasks, lifting heavy bricks and our spirits at the same time.

And before we knew it, it was already time to put down our tools and helmets and hear the conclusions about our performance as a team of construction workers. We were all curious to find out if we had accomplished the goals for that day. Little did we know that no positive feedback on our work would be as remotely rewarding as the families’ warm and heartfelt gratitude for simply having been there, helping to build their future homes.

I think that’s when we all became aware of the significant change that such an action brings in these people’s lives, not only because they will soon have a house of their own, but also because every volunteer’s effort and good intentions are proof of the care, commitment and respect a community can show. The blisters and fatigue were all worthwhile and long forgotten.

There are many possible ways to change someone’s life for the better. Sometimes, just making an effort and showing up, offering our time, skills and support is the most dignifying way we can contribute. See our Facebook gallery and feel free to share, the more people involved, the better.

Will we be there next time? You bet! 🙂

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