Clean Plates for Healthy Children

I have followed the Clean Plates project closely. It was created and promoted by blogger chef Adi Hadean. Adi has created a series of meals for the project which were approved by a team of nutritionists lead by professor Nicolae Hâncu. These meals have been implemented in state kindergartens in Cluj.

I liked the fact that iQuest wanted to get involved with the Clean Plates project and that it supports a large part of the project, namely transmitting the information to the public. We could not have had the mini-series which presents the way in which these kindergartens are operated showing the exact model which could be used by other people in other kindergartens in Cluj or other cities.

On the morning Adi posted on Twitter that he had not found a volunteer to help him film his meetings with kids and their parents (he recorded the first episode using his phone)we knew that it would be a project iQuest could support. I thought that the idea of a healthy diet for our children needs to be recorded properly so that it can be viewed by anyone who is interested: parents, educators, teachers, nutrition professionals.

iQuest has entered the project by directly supporting the video recordings. The results is a six episode mini-series, which will be produced by our friend Laviniu Lazar. We will present them during the following weeks. We will begin today with a general presentation video (above) and the second episode of the series, taking us inside kindergartens, where Adi talked to kids about healthy foods:

Do you think our children should eat healthy food at the Kindergarten?

[UPDATE: 19 April 2012] – Episode 3:


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