Cloud based DWH solution using Amazon Redshift


CeBIT is the world’s largest international IT conference. Five days full of high-calibre speakers from around the globe together with political celebrities who come together to discuss the latest trends and innovations.

CeBIT 2014’s theme was Datability – Cloud & Big Data.

Datability is all about the ability to use large volumes of data sustainably and responsibly.

Talk of Big Data usually raises the spectre of huge numbers: countless trillions of bytes in existence, countless billions of news items sent hourly, countless millions of photos shared daily. So what? One statistic says that there are now as many bytes as stars in the universe – but we would never choose to count the total number of stars every day. What data contains is much more important for those companies. What meaning and impact does it have for businesses? What can they do with it? That is the decisive question – and the topic was hotly discussed at CeBIT 2014.

“The first thing which appeared in front of us at the entrance of the CeBIT Global Conferences Hall was a big picture with high-calibre speakers from around the globe. Some of the more famous names are Steve Wozniak (Apple), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Mikko Hypponen (F-Secure), Eugene Kaspersky, Mike Olson (Claudera), as you can see in the photo above.

Do you see someone familiar on the first line to the right?

It’s our colleague, Ionut Hedesiu, who was a speaker at CeBIT 2014, Global Conferences – Open Stage, on the Datability topic, with his presentation “Cloud based DWH solution using Amazon Redshift”.

I was so proud and happy to see him in this picture, in such a select company.

His presence there proves that my team’s efforts to create modern software applications, for the hottest technology trends, are successful”, said Liana Iuhas, Head of Big Data, DWH & BI Solutions at iQuest.

Congratulations Ionut and DWH team!

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