Cluj IT Innovation Days

Cluj IT Cluster March 2013 Innovation Days

The Cluj IT Innovation Days event took place over the weekend. The main purpose of this event is to develop business relations with international partners and bring the local community closer together.

Many different people were invited to speak at this event, ranging from business to technical people. The event was split into two parts. One part was oriented towards business people, where different topics were discussed such as ways to attract more capital for innovative software projects.

The second part of the event was dedicated to technology. This part was split into different two tracks. Many topics were discussed in each of these two tracks. Participants talked about subjects like NoSQL, big data, mobile computing and the future of communication.

I was invited to speak about cloud at this event. The subject that I have chosen was “Why you should believe in Cloud?”. The slides from my session can be found at the end of this post.

I decided to talk about this subject because cloud solution are mature and can offer almost everything we need in order to run our application. Not only this, but there are a lot of services that can make our applications more reliable and simple. If you look over the presentation you will discover that every second, over 50 million people use cloud service applications (web, mobile, desktop) and the market forecast for cloud in 2013 is over 40 billion dollars. Also, you will find examples of cloud penetration in different type of companies.

The most important thing that people should remember after this session is related to the maturity of cloud solutions. In 2013, we reached the point where cloud providers have mature products. From now on we expect big companies to move their enterprise applications into the cloud.

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