Day 1 of TechEd 2012 – Amsterdam

Day 1 of TechEd 2012

I will be at TechEd Europe this week. 2012 is the first year when TechEd takes place in Amsterdam. The chosen location is Amsterdam RAI, a large conference facility. It can take you up to 20 minutes to get from one session to the next and you can get lost even if you have a map.

Let’s see some of the sessions I have attended yesterday:

I started with the keynote where the latest Microsoft products were presented, such as Windows 8 and Azure. After the introduction I went to “Meet the Windows Azure”. It was an overview of the new Windows Azure version and its new features. The most important thing for me during this session was the memory cache, which was not available until now and the way in which virtual parts can be added to a machine.

The third presentation was about Visual Studio 2012. I thought it was the best session today because it was the only one where I learned new and very interesting things. After that I went to “An Overview of Managing Applications, Services & Virtual Machines in Windows Azure”, where I wasn’t bored at all. I continued with Windows Azure and went to the last session for today named “Cloud-Ready Data Services”.

Hot tip of the day: the guys from Nokia said that a large part of the Windows Phone 7 models will support Windows Phone 8 (the Lumia phones and the 610 ). It seems that their marketing strategy enables us to rest assured.

It was a very interesting day and I would like to have events such as this one in Romania. I’ll return with new information this evening.

What do you think we’ll find out today?

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