Day 2 of TechEd 2012 – Amsterdam

Day 2 of TechEd 2012

Another day at TechEd Europe 2012 has come and gone. Yesterday it was all about cloud, both public and private and today is dedicated to Windows 8 and cloud. Compared to yesterday today’s sessions were much more interesting because they went from general topics to more complex information.

The day started early. Antoine Leblond began the day with a keynote about Windows 8. Basic functionalities as well as those for enterprises were presented. For example you can take your work computer with you on a flash drive and use it at home, without having to install any other product or being concerned about security.

After this session I participated in a session with Nick Harris about building an application for Windows 8 which uses the Windows Azure backend. This presentation was aimed toward developers. The application was written from scratch in 75 minutes.

Because I still did not have a very clear idea about Private Cloud, I decided to participate in the “Private Cloud Principles, Concepts and Pattern” session hosted by Tom Shinder. It was an extremely useful presentation, with a lot of helpful content. The most important conclusion was the fact that Private Cloud is not just an on-premise server factory, it can also be Windows Azure or a combination between the two. Private Cloud is a private environment only certain persons have access to and where only they can use its resources.

Vishal Joshi talked about “App Deployment Options for Windows Azure”. He showed us ways to deploy an application in Windows Azure. They ranged from Visual studio and TFS, to FTP and Git.

After this morning’s keynote I decided to go to Brad McCabe’s session – “Windows 8 – Overview for the enterprise, Enabling Flexible Workstyles”. I was curious to see what this new operating system offers to enterprises. All I can say is that the IT departments are going to be happier from now on.

I finished the day with Steve Marx who talked about software as a service solution in Windows Azure. I thought it was the best presentation I have seen today.

Hot tip of the day:

If we would give each Chinese person 10MB, Windows Azure would still have available storage space. What does this mean? Let’s see: 1339724852 persons x 10 MB = 13397248520 MB = 13083250 GB = 12776 Terra = 12.5 PB (Petabyte). This storage space continues to grow with each second.

I’ll come back with more information tomorrow night. Can you suggest sessions I should go see on Friday? Looking forward to your suggestions.

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