Day 3 of TechEd 2012 – Amsterdam

Day 3 of TechEd 2012

This is the end of day three of TechEd 2012. After around three hours spent in Amsterdam RAI every day, fatigue starts to set in. This was the last full day. Being the last day, tomorrow’s activities will end a lot earlier.

We started today with “Learn Big Data Application Development on Windows Azure”. If you did not know this by now, Hadoop exists for Windows Azure, allowing us to process and analyse large amounts of data.

I wanted to see some code after this session, so I went to “Real World Developer Testing with Visual Studio 2012”. It was a session where they presented different testing frameworks. Even though it was not a dev presentation, I also went to the “Windows 8: BitLocker” session. They talked about this new Windows 8 functionality, which allows us to put our PC on a flash drive and then run it on any computer, without having to worry about security or data loss.

“Building HTTP Services with ASP.NET Web API” was another session I went to. The ASP.NET Web API was presented in detail. I would have liked to know more but I will do my own digging the first chance I get. Even though it was a level 300 presentation the content was only about a 100.

Today ended with “Creating and Consuming OData Services for Business Applications”. OData Services are currently extremely mature and powerful. Web API is currently gaining on it but will not replace it anytime soon.

Hot tip of the day: In Visual Studio 2012, even though some functionalities are not easy to access, such as Source Control, they all have predefined shortcut keys.

My favourite session was the one that showed us what we can do with Hadoop on Windows Azure. Tomorrow is our last day at TechEd 2012 in Amsterdam 🙁

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