Day 4 of TechEd 2012 – Amsterdam

Day 4 of TechEd 2012 Amsterdam

Friday was the last day of TechEd Europe 2012. Like any last day it went by quickly but it was full of content. Here are some of today’s sessions.

I started the day off properly, with an async call session for .NET 4.5 – “Async made simple in Windows 8, with C# and VB”. I enjoyed the presentation because you found out something new every 2-3 minutes. Even though I used async until now, I walked away with a lot of new information.

The next session was “Achieving Enterprise Integration Patters with Windows Azure Service Bus”. This session was as interesting as the first, and judging by the way things are looking Azure’s Service Bus is becoming more and more serious. It is definitely not a toy anymore.

Today’s third session was “Building High Performing Parallel Application Services on Windows Azure”. I had different expectations but the session was dry and the content was not was I expected.

I ended TechEd with “Developing High Performing Parallel Application Services on Windows Azure”. You can do some very interesting things with Windows Azure, especially if we talk about simulations and data analysis. I hope I will have the chance to work with a simulator which does its processing part in the cloud.

The first two presentations were the icing on the cake for my at TechEd. They alone would have been worth a trip to Amsterdam.

Hot tip of the day: Service Bus and SharePoint. The rumour is that the next version of SharePoint will use Service Bus in the workflow part (in the session state area). I will post more information about this issue.

As a bonus, for those of you who use Windows Phone 7+, if you hold the lock button for 5 seconds when the phone is locked, the camera will automatically start.

Goodbye Amsterdam, goodbye TechEd Europe 2012! See you next year!


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