…even mammoths can be AGILE

even mammoths can be AGILE

Confucius Consulting and Today Software Magazine are organizing a one day event dedicated to Agile Project Management entitled ”…even mammoths can be AGILE”, on 21 September 2011, at the City Plaza Hotel Cluj.

Our colleague Claudiu Anghel will participate as a speaker on behalf of iQuest. His presentation’s theme is ”Can you be agile in fixed price projects?”.

We have one seat available for you for free at the event. Answer the following question in the comments below and Claudiu will determine the winner.

Here’s the question: Why people usually believe that you can’t apply Agile software development in a fixed price projects?

Winner will be announced Monday, Sep. 17, 2012, end of day.

You can find the event schedule and more details here.

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Both developers and customers will obtain a product with a relatively ok price and profit. Developers can reuse previous knowledge, customers will have the asking product at their estimated price. You have everything planned in advance, you don’t want more to deliver. If customer change requirements, then will result in lengthening time + cost estimate. It is prepared for future costs customer?
If the client is the government, don’t expect that those who write the requirements and whom you ask feedback have an idea of what is happening in the application.
That’s why the employees mayors and other government institutions who get to use them, bang his head against the monitor: D
but here’s an advantage. In Romania you can lengthen product delivery as you beheaded. And Romanian’s know it fixed time projects?

A Fixed Price project usually means setting the price, the time and the scope.
At the same time agile software development usually works with rough, unclear/fluid requirements so the scope is not fixed.

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