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ShoeBox 2012 - Everything is OK

You can see my favourite Shoebox 2012 picture above. I am fascinated by that little boy’s gesture. How he’s pleased with what he has and what he’s going to get. He doesn’t see himself as destitute, poor, an outcast…he smiles, showing that “everything is OK” and his optimism is contagious. We could learn a lot from his attitude towards life.

The 2012 ShoeBox campaign has brought us face to face again. I am talking about the people who like to give and the children who wouldn’t have received a Christmas present otherwise. 2012 was an impressive year because of the large number of ShoeBox locations. We started with 6 cities and 8 locations in 2011.

There were 20 cities with 22 locations involved in the project towards the end of the collection period in 2012. I thought it was an amazing development.

We have distributed a grand total of 6118 boxes! 6118 children in Romania had something to be happy about during Christmas because they received presents. I would like to thank you on behalf of all of them!

These results make us want to continue our project!


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