FedEx Day – A day to experiment, learn, innovate and enjoy

A FedEx Day is a 24-hour event in which employees deliver innovation to the company they work for. It is called FedEx Day, because you have to deliver overnight, like the parcel delivery company. A FedEx Day is a fixed time box in which people are not disturbed for regular work. Within this time box, employees have total autonomy over the project they chose. They decide for themselves what they will be working on, who they are going to work with, and how they are going to do it.

We had our first FedEx Day event in the Microsoft Solutions practice on June 19. It was a mixture of energy, fun, hard work and competition and we would like to share our experience with everyone.

According to the FedEx Day format, we had one day to create a project and to present it to our colleagues. There were 12 teams of enthusiastic techies sharing know-how on various programming languages, discovering new frameworks and interfaces and developing innovative web and phone apps. The teams/ideas were voted and rewarded at the end of their presentations.

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FedEx Day is a good opportunity to learn new things, to work in different teams and setups, to have fun, to meet colleagues and to travel and visit other iQuest locations. Also it’s a chance to self-organize and to decide on our solutions, to experiment with ideas, to think outside the box and to be efficient and pragmatic.

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What did the participants say about the FedEx Day event?

“The FedEx Day initiative was, and should be, a great experience because it boosts up the working atmosphere and the quality of our daily work, as we gain loads of experience and re-engage with programming. Can’t wait for the next one. ” (Alpár Kövér, Technical Lead, Cluj)

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“It was a strong motivation to demonstrate and make something work. Productivity matched the motivation. It was nice to see what others are able to do, how they solved various problems. Worth repeating.“ (Tibor Molnár, Solution Architect, Cluj)

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“I personally think the FedEx initiative has proven to be a success beyond expectations, because I had the opportunity to work with people I had collaborated with in the past and with colleagues from other teams, and so I had the chance to interact with various professionals and their different approaches. The project itself does not matter as much as the agile, strong, united and motivated team that was created. And to get such a team, communication plays a vital role.“ (Valentin Chiru, Senior Software Engineer, Brasov)

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“FedEx Day is a great way to boost motivation and creativity overnight. It provides a time box of total autonomy to implement the idea you always wanted to put into practice, but never did. And the results were surprisingly good.” (Ionuţ Cristea, Senior Software Engineer, Sibiu)

Congratulations to all the participants! We are looking forward to future FedEx Day editions. 🙂

What do you think about the FedEx Day initiative? Do you have something similar at your work place? Or would you like to?

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