Get a Glimpse of iQuest. Today, Our Sibiu Office.

A few weeks ago, I remember talking to Alina about this trip and getting all the details ready: the video crew, the building manager’s approval for the shooting, reviewing the scripts for our colleagues in Sibiu etc. It is the nature of my job to visit all iQuest locations and interact with their local environment.

Being in Cluj all the time, an agitated and technology-focused city, one must surely appreciate visiting a city like Sibiu. Our office there houses 38 colleagues on 2 floors, in the centre of Sibiu. I loved it from the first moment.

The location, the architecture, and a sense of warmth and welcome I got once inside. Friendly colleagues and a relaxed atmosphere, that’s what awaits anyone interested in paying us a visit there.

I’ll let you watch the video and enjoy it. Then, please pass it on, share it with a friend or two… or three

Oh, we are hiring in Sibiu, so feel free to checkout our available jobs since you’re here anyway.


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