“Good to go” for Mobile World Congress 2016

Do you remember your first mobile phone? I got mine when I turned 12 years old. And I also remember why I was happy to have a phone of my own. It gave me a sense of independence, ownership and control – all very important at the age of 12. I could use it without having to ask permission, I could play for as long as I wanted and I could set my favorite ringtone and wallpaper.

Although the ways we assert control over our phones today have significantly changed, the feeling remained equally important.

This need for control is what prompted a couple of industries to rethink the relationship with their customers by tipping the balance towards the customers and welcoming us to the self-service economy.

GSMA entitled this years’ edition of Mobile World Congress (MWC)  “Mobile is everything”. “Mobile powers our lives. It’s an extension of who we are. Mobile is connectivity. Mobile is identity. Mobile is commerce. Mobile is inclusive.”

Mobile is also a testimony to the control customers ask for. A self-service study says that 70% of customers expect the company website to include a self-service application. This is how the self-service need looks around the world.

The Self Service Economy

The digital era has fed the customer’s demand for convenience and immediacy, which translates into a constant pressure for companies to put more control in the hands of the consumer and to find new ways to create value and stay competitive.

We’ll mark our presence at the MWC 2016 by approaching the subject of self-service within the Telecom Industry.

This is our presentation introducing iQuest’s vision on how Telco companies should approach and capitalize on their digital and eCare capabilities, offering you a glimpse into our live demo.

We are joining the event together with our partner SAP. You are welcomed to come by our demo pod, located at the SAP Stand, in Hall 3, booth 3M41, where we’ll be featuring our latest hybris-based Commerce & eCare Solutions dedicated to the Telecom industry.

Click here to find out more details about iQuest’s presence at Mobile World Congress 2016.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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