How to Remove the YouTube Logo from Embedded Videos

How to Remove the YouTube Logo from Embedded Videos

Most websites use YouTube as an external platform for hosting their videos. Because it is very reliable and also because it’s free. However, there are some limitations. YouTube has always mad sure their logo stays visible at all times in the low right corner of the player toolbar.

But did you know that it is possible to get rid of the YouTube logo (like how the player appears on YouTube itself)? In fact, you can get rid of everything from the playing video, except the feed itself.

Here’s an example of the player without the YouTube logo and also without the title that used to show in the left top corner when the mouse was hovering the video:

So you might think this is just a small change but I believe this opens a whole new chapter. Small and medium businesses do not want their branding associated with the YouTube logo on all videos they show on various digital venues: website, blogs, forums, applications etc. Because YouTube is viewed as a large free video hosting platform, where everybody shares all kinds of content, business customers want their video content to help identify them as a business, and YouTube’s branding competes with that.

Enterprise level online video platforms have been selling their product for years by reminding customers that if they chose YouTube they’ll have that logo on all of their content, so the ability to remove that YouTube logo takes away one of the best competitor sales tactics.

So how do we do it?

Although this is not a default option within the embed code box on YouTube videos, it can easily be done by adding the following to the end of a YouTube embed URL:


So for example, the standard iFrame embed code you would get for a video like the one above would be:
[cc lang=”html”][/cc]

In this case, you only need to add “?modestbranding=1″ to the end of the “src=” tag like this:

... src="" ...

The same is valid for the old version of the YouTube player, adding “?modestbranding=1” like this:

[cc lang=”html”][/cc]

More Tips:

This will not work with a few of the other embed player parameters like “showinfo” which can be used to set whether or not the title shows at the top of the video (0= no title). If you continue to use “showinfo=0“, the “modestbranding” parameter will not function as it’s supposed to and the logo will reappear when you press play.

You can also play with another parameter: “title=“.  In order to remove the logo and also the title from the player, you need to structure the embed src player string as follows, leaving “title=” blank:
[cc lang=”html”]… src=”” …[/cc]

You can find more useful resources on this subject here, here, here and here.

Enjoy your white-labeled video player! 🙂



There is still the youtube logo. Watch the right-top corner. 😉

Yes, it only appears when you hover the mouse over the video area, and only as text, not real logo. Can’t have them all can you?

Hi, this didn’t work at all for me. So then I tried ?rel=0 (allows you to remove the related videos that display after your video is done playing) and ?rel=0 remove the bar across the top of the player (I inserted them into the “src” section of embed codes), But the YouTube logo is still on the bottom. Any suggestions?

Ooops, for the second one, I used ?rel=0&showinfo=0 to remove the bar on top. I’d love to find one code that just removes everything like your example (that didn’t work).

Did all what’s said and Youtube logo still stays! >:(
Probably they changed something…

sorry…the code gets stripped out in HTML

replace “& amp;” with &

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