iQuest 15th Anniversary

We love to code, we love to party. This year, iQuest is celebrating 15 years so we decided to offer our colleagues an unforgettable party. Now you’re probably wondering ‘What’s the secret to throwing a great company party?’ Well, every recipe for success has a few key ingredients. Here’s a list of ours:

  • Great people. You have to really like the people you are throwing the party for, just as we do. That is why we brought together all our colleagues from all iQuest office locations (Cluj, Brasov, Sibiu, Bucharest, Craiova and Frankfurt).
  • Passionate organizing team. Find people who love planning events and parties, who are fun-oriented but also careful that every detail is perfectly handled. They must know the needs and preferences of their colleagues to make sure that everyone will have a wonderful time.
  • Party theme. In the last few years themed parties have become a trend, but this year we thought we should try something different. Instead of making people dress a certain way, we decided to keep it simple, so everyone was invited to a picnic party. Casual, fun, with lots of activities and surprises that made the event a real success.
  • Entertainment. There is no limit to the imaginative mind in providing the appropriate entertainment for a company party (unless you want it to be stiff and formal). We had live music, live cooking with celebrity cooks, funky cocktails and lots of outdoor games. Needless to say, no one was bored.

These are only a few of our tips & tricks that turned our Summer Event into a knockout party.  So…if you think this looks good, imagine what our software projects must be like.

Click the photo below to see the full Facebook Gallery:


Can’t wait to see how the next party will turn out? You can do it first-hand, we’re hiring 🙂

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