iQuest Code Retreat Sibiu

iQuest code retreat Sibiu

Hello Sibiu!

You are invited to a Code Retreat  session on Saturday, January 28, 2012.

Code Retreat is an opportunity for you to write code for fun without having to worry about deadlines.

Even if you only write a few lines of code, if they are “perfect”, we will still consider you one of us. It is an opportunity to practice what we preach as developers: coming up with great code 🙂

The main idea is that we will find a partner and pair TDD on a programming problem (theme) during 2×3 sessions of 45 minutes in any language you like. If you haven’t used TDD or done pair programming in the past, don’t be scared: we’re all friendly people who will not eat you alive because of something like that.

After each session all pairs will briefly share thoughts/lessons learned.

Some key notes:

–          Juniors are as welcome as seniors are !

–          Code Retreat is not a competition ! You will only be competing against yourself, to write better code.

–          It targets all developers no regardless of platform, language or level of knowledge! I would love to pair up with a C++ developer, just to remember what I lost switching to .NET or with a Python programmer so that I can learn from him/her.

Schedule 28.01:

–          8:30-9:00 – greeting the participants with coffee, some short discussions;

–          9:00-9:15 – short CodeRetreat presentation, details about what we want from you;

–          3x 45min code sessions with a 10 min retrospective and a 5 min break (soft drinks, water, tea, cigarettes);

–          Lunch 1,5h (order some pizzas, pasta, etc.);

–          3x 45min code sessions with a 10 min retrospective and a 5 min break (soft drinks, water, tea, cigarettes), the last one will surely last around 30 minutes so that we can talk about the things we have learned during this Code Retreat;

–          5:30-6:00 – Everyone goes home, break;

–          21:00 – Meet up at the Pub, and if we are still up for it the Club (older music but > ’90 ’00), this is not covered by iQuest so it is every man for himself!

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