iQuest Powers the ARCA Dream

iQuest supports ARCA

Innovation is a rare and wonderful thing, regardless of the field of activity, geographical location or economic level. Every time we are given the opportunity to support someone who dares to dream , we must feel honoured to believe in that dream.

This describes the people of ARCA. They use a fascinating type of passion when they talk about their project meant to achieve performance in a field such as cosmonautics. Their projects are even more impressive because they become reality and are appreciated at a global level thanks to the support of other people and companies who believe in Romanian innovation.

We are even more proud to support the ARCA team in the Google Lunar X Prize competition because we have realised that we share certain values such as courage and the commitment necessary to achieve great things together.

You are invited to find out more about ARCA activities and hopefully believe in and support their projects.


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