iQuest supports “Prin Transilvania” Project

iQuest supports the Prin Transilvania Project

This is a guest post by Andrei Crivat.

Ever since “Prin Transilvania” was simply an idea, not even jotted down on paper, I’ve always wanted to become involved in this project, together with other Transylvanian companies. And since this is a project intent on promoting Transylvanian people, places and stories, it somehow seems natural for local companies to take part in it.

Prin Transilvania and iQuest share common values – excellence, commitment, and courage. That is why I’ve come across receptiveness and support in iQuest and together we’ve started promoting magical things and places belonging to this region.

Throughout an entire year, we’ll share with you details on castles, forsaken fortresses, legends with giants and fairies, craftsmen and picturesque places of this region – all of them rich in history and charm.

So join us throughout Transylvania!

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