iQuest supports Startup Weekend Cluj

iQuest supports Startup Weekend Cluj 2013

We have always encouraged, supported and rewarded excellence. We have managed to identify it in its most varied forms: among students from the local Universities, among candidates for our positions, among our colleagues.

The profile of an entrepreneur is an interesting recipe. It combines an unlimited belief in your own strengths and the unique ability to take risks and lead an idea towards implementation and success. This showcases one thing: EXCELLENCE.

Abiding by the same unwritten rules of business, iQuest was in the beginning a start-up itself. Our natural growth and the business experience we gained along the way are essential assets of any healthy business endeavour. We know small and we know bigger. We understand planning big and we pursue ideas.

Judging by the moment we started mobile development in iQuest, we can consider this as being our own internal start-up. We developed Trip Journal when there was nothing else on the market to provide a better solution for travel-logging and it proved to be a success.

This is why we look at giving back to the community, helping others start their own journey into the big unknown, providing them with our own lessons of do’s and don’ts. – Cornelius Brody, Founder&CEO iQuest

This year marks the beginning of our involvement in and support of the Cluj-Napoca edition of Startup Weekend, which will take place on 1 March 2013. We believe this event matches our principles and that we will be impressed by the excellence of the ideas and the people involved.

iQuest’s Mobile Solutions Practice Lead, Sebastian Presecan will participate on behalf of iQuest as a coach. In 2009, Sebastian started his endeavor in the mobile field. He was the manager of the Trip Journal team who has been awarded Best Travel Application Prize with Google’s Android Development Challlenge.

Will you be there too?


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