iQuest at the Techsylvania Conference and Hackathon


During the last weekend of May, a team of 4 participated in a tech conference in Cluj named Techsylvania. It consisted of a 24 hour Hackathon between Saturday at 2 PM and Sunday at 2 PM and a series of speeches (speakers from different countries) and presentations on Monday. iQuest covered our entry fees.

After the 24 hour code rush, our team, Artiom Casapu, Dezso Gergely, Hunor Kovacs, Vitali Vasilioglo took the 3rd place of the Hackathon competition, among ~20 teams. We were invited to present our project among all the other speakers who had presentations on Monday.

The application we created was the game 2048, but in three dimensions, a 4x4x4 cube where you have to add up blocks until you get to 2048 points. All this was controlled by a device called Leap Motion which is capable capturing the movements of the hand in the air (similar to the kinect), so swooshing your hand in the air was pushing the cube blocks in the game. It was displayed as augmented reality, where you could hold a tablet in your hand, directing its camera on a piece of paper and a virtual cube was projected on the screen staying in position regardless of the angle of the viewer tablet.

Here is a short video of the project:

and here are some pictures:





It is important to mention that another one of our colleagues, Lorand Ignat, participated in the event and was a member of the winning team with another great application.

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