iQuest University Coding Contest


iQuest University Coding Contest Win an iPhone 5 Samsung Tablet and Xbox with Kinect

One of iQuest’s core values is our aim for excellence coming from the desire to be the best we can be, always trying to go beyond our own limits.

This year’s iQuest University is starting with an invitation for 1st and 2nd year students studying computer science / software engineering, who share the same passion for excellence, to prove their knowledge and skills in a Coding Contest with prizes. Following the contest, selected students will enter the iQuest University programme and continue with the Remote Learning phase. This phase will focus on design principles, design patterns, technology core elements and will last until students need to start their summer internship.

The programme will then continue with the Summer Internship (e.g. for Cluj: 2nd year UBB students, 3rd year UTCN students) where the students will work in a real project context including team work, methodologies, tools.

Following the summer internship the programme will offer, to now final-year students, a context where they can learn Frameworks and more advanced technologies up to a level where they could easily start working on a real project as part of a project team as soon as they have completed their university studies.

The programme starts on the 8th of December with the Coding Contest, so in case you are a 1st or 2nd year student in computer science / software engineering from Cluj, Brasov or Sibiu you can join by using any of our registration forms per your location.

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