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We started out with Java University in Cluj back in 2004. During these 9 years we’ve refined the programme and adapted the concept according to student needs. We tried different formats from courses held at the University or at our office building to a 6 hour per day internship programme.

Now we realised that we need to take this to another level. The new format will enlarge the coverage and iQuest University will offer (based on our industry/practical knowledge) appropriate learning contexts for students from the time they start their University studies until graduation.

There are 4 different iQuest University phases: Coding Contest, Remote Learning, Summer Internship and Advanced Framework Training, the last three are available for Java, Mobile and .Net technologies.

After ending the previous year with our initial Coding Contest phase, we started the Remote Learning phase on 25 February. The main purpose of this programme is to offer mentoring to undergraduate students until they start their Summer Internship programme.  The programme will focus on design principles, best practices and technology core elements.

Although it is a ‘remote’ programme, what we consider to be the most important part is the interaction between the students and their assigned mentors. There will be weekly face to face meetings in which the students will have the opportunity to be the ones asking the questions related to the materials they receive from us. Aside from these meetings there will be workshops that will cover tools and activities used when developing a large software project.

So, we are offering mentoring by trying to guide the students into learning/getting in contact with the practical part of the software development world.

You can see photos of the Kick-Off Meeting for the iQuest University Remote Learning here.

Visit our Summer Internship page to find out all the details today.

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