iQuest Windows Phone Hackathon 2014

We organised an internal windows phone hackathon last weekend (as practice). The main purpose of this event was to port an application developed for iOS and Android to the Windows Phone platform. We decided to develop the application directly for Windows Phone 8.1 because there are only a few days left until its release.

We had a great time, learned new stacks and how to use Blend. Yes, Blend – it is a great tool for UI because it can help you create a state of the art UI. We were able to deliver a working application at the end of this hackathon, with all features in place, ready to hit the Windows Store.

Let’s see some figures from this event:

  • 5 smart iQuest developers (Gheorghina Gligor, Alexandra Vunvulea, Andrei Bancioiu, Tudor Turcu, Radu Vunvulea)
  • 1 Android developer (Radu Ailincai)
  • 1 special guest (Paul Tirban)
  • A total of 120h of work
  • 10l of Pepsi
  • A lot of pizza
  • Too much coffee
  • Chocolate everywhere
  • 8 hours of sleep (yes we were able to sleep during the night)
  • And a lot of fun

Special thanks to all attendees, it was a great weekend and we’ve accomplished something very important: TEAMWORK

And of course thank you to iQuest for supporting this event.

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Any chance you’ll organise an open hackathon in the near future?

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