iQuest’s 15th Anniversary Event in Zurich: “Innovation Talks”

We celebrated iQuest’s 15th Anniversary, in Zurich, on 19 September 2013. It was a good occasion to bring together some of our partners from all over the world. Although the event included a rich agenda, featuring speakers from eBay, RWE and Swisscom, we were able to relate and exchange business ideas and even talk about future plans.

We were happy to see that, 15 years into iQuest’s existence, we are surrounded by blue-chip clients, while playing a major role in the IT Industry and looking forward at the challenges ahead. It’s no easy job to foresee the future, so we think it is better to build it, day by day, project by project, overcoming any technical, business and mentality differences and building a strong relationship with all of our clients.

Enjoy the video highlights above or visit our Facebook photo gallery of the event.





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