ITCamp 2013

IT Camp 2013 powered by iQuest

This year I had the opportunity to participate in a premium event with almost 400 attendees. The name of this great event is ITCamp. For Romania, 400 attendees is a large number, especially considering that it was a premium conference.

What do you think we got to see this year? A lot of COOL stuff! We discovered what the future of tablets is, what is taking place on the cloud and the voodoo magic that is happening inside team management… and so on.

I really enjoyed the conference, the sessions and the location – you could see the entire city from above. This event is more than just a place where people come to discover new stuff. One of the most important things at ITCamp is socialisation – meeting people from different parts of the world, discovering what they are doing and what the trends of the IT industry are.

iQuest was one the sponsors of the event. As usual, iQuest tried to support high quality events in Romania. I was one of the speakers and this year I decided to talk about messaging patterns that can be used with enterprise service bus on different solutions for on-premise and cloud solutions.

You can see some photos from the event here.


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