Let’s Do It Romania 2012

Lets Do It Romania 2012

Last Saturday the iQuest Green Team joined  Let’s Do It Romania for the third consecutive year. Together with the other participants in this project, we would like to give other Romanians an example that we can do it, we can cross the borders of our Balkan mentality and act in a civilised manner, leaving the landscape behind us as green as it was before we got there (if not even greener).

As location, we chose an area close to the Miceşti Lake near the Făget Forest. It’s an extremely beautiful place, which, although only a few kilometres from the city, makes you think you’re hundred kilometres away from any human development.

At first the place was adorned with all kinds of PET containers, of all shapes and colours. Until the end of the day we managed to bring back the initial beauty of the place. We were happy when we left, knowing that all we leave behind is grass, wood, earth and a pile of litter-filled plastic bags, ready to be taken away from there.

We hope that we have managed to make a difference and the place we cleaned will stay as such until next year!

See you at the next year’s Let’s Do It Romania project.

The Green iQuest Team


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