NetCamp 2012 – Windows 8 Development Experience

Trip Journal for Windows Phone

I took part in NetCamp 2012 last week.  This was the 6th NetCamp event organised by Evensys. NetCamp is a dedicated event for online entrepreneurs, which teaches them how they can turn their ideas into reality.
What was I doing there, you ask? Well, I had a session where I presented the way in which the development process for Trip Journal on Windows 8 took place along with other things that an entrepreneur should take into account when selecting the platform for their application.

Any entrepreneur who would like to develop mobile applications for Windows 8 should take the following things into account (these are the most important ideas from my presentation):

  1. Windows Store – a big opportunity for any person with ideas. It is a place where your application can be visible to users
  2. Windows 8 Apps – one application for both the desktop and tablet versions. You don’t need to write different applications for different devices
  3. 3 native languages that can be used to develop a Windows 8 App – C#, C++, JavaScript
  4. Windows Store App is not an Android or iOS application
  5. Before starting to imagine what the UX of your application would look like, take a look at what a Windows 8 App UX involves (especially UI elements and gestures)
  6. Implement the Snap Screen, users will love it
  7. Don’t forget to create a privacy policy statement – double check its content with someone from the legal department
  8. Take a look  at the application lifetime. The most important thing to remember is only foreground applications can run code (if you need something to run in the background use background tasks)
  9. Before publishing the application to the store don’t forget to validate it using Windows App Cert Kit
  10. On Windows Store, monetising an application is very simple and mechanisms such as trial versions are built in

I hope to meet you again next year.
Note: Trip Journal is a great travel application developed by iQuest. You can find Trip Journal on different platforms from iPhone to Android, or Symbian and Windows 8.

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