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iQuest is not just about work and conference venues. iQuest is about teamwork, it is about energy and fun. It’s about a common set of values that unites us all. We wanted an event that would prove how much we can achieve working together in the most relaxed and healthy way possible.

We are all different. We have different roles, different skills, different tastes and different hobbies. And yet during this summer we were given the chance to become the One iQuest team and managed to have an exciting day. We showed the power of a strong team by participating in a charitable marathon and then spending a whole day doing sports activities.

More than 230 of our colleagues ran for almost 3 hours and accumulated around 1100 km. iQuest donated money for each of these kilometres to the Little People Association, which supports and motivates children suffering from cancer.

It was an exciting experience for all of us and we are glad to prove to ourselves that we can bring joy while also having fun:

Maybe you can be part of One iQuest next year, we are always on the lookout for new team players.

And of course, like always, we’ve got a great Facebook Photo Album for you.

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