Pay it Forward !


Courage is what it takes to explore the unexplored, defy naysayers and persist when the whole world seems to be against you.

People who possess courage are massively open and incredibly creative, willing to consider all kinds of innovative solutions.

Habitat has successfully removed the stigma of charity by substituting it with a sense of partnership. The people who will live in the homes work side by side with the volunteers, so they feel very much that they are on an equal level. – Jimmy Carter

Painting walls, carrying construction materials, all of that reminds me of times when my family gathered to help renovate my grandmother’s house.

I enjoyed the smell of quicklime, wooden boards, each of us with their role, their tasks and with joy in their souls knowing that they’ve done something new, something important for someone special.

Being a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity together with my colleagues left me with a great feeling of teamwork and commitment, but also a feeling of joy because I was able to contribute to someone else’s happiness.

I liked the friendly staff and the opportunity to learn how to use certain tools and essentially build a house.
I had an amazing time! I loved seeing all the progress that our group was able to make in such short time!

My favorite part about volunteering is the team spirit, learning new skills, teaching these skills to others, and seeing a house come together. Then you can step back and say, “Yes, I helped do that!!”.

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that truly puts action with words. There was something for everyone to do and as a volunteer. I had a wonderful experience working for this project.

These are just a few of the thoughts of my colleagues who participated in this year’s Habitat for Humanity project in Cluj .

Everything starts with you. Pay it forward!



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