[Post-Event] Asynchronous Master Class, May 18-19, Cluj-Napoca


This was one of this year’s greatest weekends. Myself and other 60 developers from Cluj-Napoca had the opportunity to participate in a master class about asynchronous programming. The master class was organised by Codecamp and took place over two days and was 100% free for all the attendees (a BIG THANK YOU for iQuest – who sponsored the event).

We had the best trainers ever – Andrew Clymer and Richard Blewett. This was the first master class, where the training room was completely full, some people were standing. At the end of the master class (Sunday afternoon) all the attendees had learned new stuff. I hope that they are now prepared for the asynchronous world.

Special thanks to Andrew and Richard. They flew especially from the UK to Cluj-Napoca for this master class. See our photo gallery on Facebook.

Were you there? What are your impressions?


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