[PostEvent] ITCamp 2014, Cluj-Napoca

[PostEvent] ITCamp 2014, Cluj-Napoca

Last week, Cluj-Napoca hosted the 4th edition of ITCamp. More than 400 people participated in this premium conference. More than 30 speakers talked about Microsoft Stack, Architecture, Cloud, Development methodology and many more during the event’s two days. It is safe to say that Cluj-Napoca was the centre of IT in Romania for these two days.

This was the first year when we had 4 tracks in parallel and there were some moments when it was pretty hard to decide which session to attend. Sessions like “Management of Fear”, “30 Tools for Modern .NET Web Development in 60 minutes”, “Code Quality through Application Software Infrastructure” or “The Battle for Success” made waves among attendees.

Special thanks to the core organisation team (Mihai Tataran and Tudy-Tudor Damian). You did a great job this year! There were a lot of sponsors who supported this event. I’m proud that iQuest was one of the Platinum sponsors.

This year I had the opportunity to host a workshop dedicate to Agile, oriented towards practical aspects. Its main purpose was to see how we can resolve different issues that can appear in a team or company using Agile methodology (if possible). Also, on the first day of the event I hosted a session related to redundancy over Microsoft Azure – Database and Public Endpoints redundancy on Azure. Even if we are on a cloud platform, we need to think of different solutions that would offer us redundancy and failover mechanisms. Cloud is not managed by God.

ITCamp 2014 Summary: 400+ people, 34 speakers, 2 days, 4 workshops, 4 tracks, 28 sponsors, 6 media partners and many good sessions.

See you next year!

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