Project Management Assistance

Project management is no longer just a buzzword in the IT industry, but a reality that is continuously evolving and shaping the way things are done when running a software project.

Here at iQuest, we put a lot of effort into managing projects properly. The PMO (Project Management Office) works constantly on offering the best tools and ways in order to bring project management to new levels of quality within the company and for all our clients.

We have come up with a methodology based on internationally proven principles which we’ve adapted to our own needs and culture. We’ve removed everything that we considered redundant and kept only the most relevant aspects for us.

So the methodology is in place and everything sounds great, but how do our teams work with it? How do they actually apply it? Well, this is where Project Assistance comes in and this is what we wanted to talk to you about in this article.

What is Project Assistance?

Project assistance is an internal team of experienced project managers who offer to share what they know with the colleagues within our software projects.

Managing a project is no easy task and many difficulties may be encountered, so the Project Assistance team helps in deciding what the right things to do are and what steps should be taken next. Here’s a more detailed view on how they help our projects be successful:

What does Project Assistance do?

Starts the project together with the team

There are a lot of things to take care of when a project starts. There are also a lot of unknown details and risks that may be important to note, like correctly identifying the stakeholders, their influence on the project, how to set up the communication with the client or knowing more about the project charter and technical details. That’s why two pairs of eyes (or 4 or 5) will always be better than one and that’s where Project Assistance comes in.

Helps understand the methodology

Project Assistance is there to explain the purpose of the process methodology and to clarify all the necessary details.

Helps apply the methodology

Once the methodology is crystal clear, Project Assistance also helps in applying it, from filling out the provided template for the project management, to adapting it even further to specific project requirements.

Helps improve the methodology

Our Project Assistance team is always open to new ideas, so all improvement suggestions are discussed and taken into account for future projects.

Ultimately helps run projects

A team of senior project managers is always there to answer questions and give a helping hand – during steering meetings, in critical meetings or to discuss unexpected issues.

Here you can see a graphic representation of this initiative:

Project Management Assitance

What do you think about our Project Assistance initiative? Do you have something similar in your company? What works best for you?


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