Project Manager Responsibilities

The role of the Project Manager, as seen by the iQuest PMO (Project Management Office) is both challenging and inspiring. It’s exciting and at times, it can also be exhausting.

In our journey of discovering the best formula to add value to our company, we have defined the key responsibilities of the project manager, in order to ensure a successful outcome of projects.

Here you can see a graphic representation of this role:

Project Manager Responsibilities part 1

Project Manager Responsibilities part 2

Take a moment and think about your career path and the description of the project manager’s role. Do you see any overlapping between the two in the near future? If so, let us know so that we can prepare together.

Achieving completeness is an endless and thoroughly satisfying journey. The rest of the story is in your hands.

What responsibilities do you think a project manager should have? Share your insights with us in the comments section below.

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