Simplicity, Teamwork and the Joy of Building a House

Georgiana Man, iQuest at Habitat for Humanity Cluj 2012 Gala

During the Habitat for Humanity Award Ceremony in Cluj, I have had the honour to receive, on behalf of the iQuest team, the Habitat award for extraordinary collaboration, as a result of our involvement in building a house for the Babeanu family in Campenesti, Cluj.

When Habitat asked us to join the project, we accepted right away. Two of the iQuest team values are respect and commitment; and they are not just words for us, they are values which not only guide the way we work but also the way we live.

We are grateful that the people at Habitat for Humanity gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment and respect for others. I see our involvement as an extraordinary experience which we hope has changed the life of the Babeanu family members for the better.

I would encourage any company to participate in such events and projects. Besides the significant contribution brought to the life of a family, the participation and implication in such projects represents a responsibility and an example for the society we live in. For a while now it is not enough anymore for companies to limit their social responsibility activities to traditional conformity and involvement in philanthropic activities. It is the time to be actively involved in transforming civil society. Our collaboration with Habitat was excellent and we will surely continue working together on other projects.

iQuest has always supported people and projects showing initiative, passion and which are meant to change not just the destiny of a single person but also the behaviour of civil society in general. As I mentioned earlier, I would recommend participating in such an endeavour to any company, because they could provide an example for society and their own team at the same time.

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Georgiana – very cool to read about your involvement with HFH. Such a fantastic organization, and so wonderful of you and yours to hop on board without a second thought.

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