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Photo provided by our iQuest Runners Team

iQuest supports sports, be it mild exercise or intense training techniques involving both body and mind, all sports are welcome to help us tone our body, be more energetic or even improve our health. Sports are an important part of any healthy lifestyle, so it would be nice to incorporate them into my daily plan.

“The joy of returning to the simplest and most basic things, the pure pleasure of asking the muscles to perform a particular move and having them respond easily, smoothly and immediately, if we can rediscover the vibrancy and innocence of childhood, when we are happy to run, jump…” says Radu Teodorescu, the famous coach.

It’s often very hard to find motivation to practice sports, so armed with desire and ambition, I thought to ask the opinion of some colleagues who have taken up such activities.

What are the benefits of practicing sports?

“Health, exercise, getting away from routine.”

“Progress, fun, making new friends, having a sense of contentment and it also helps with my personal development.”

“Relaxation, energy, I feel full of life, it challenges you to compete with yourself, socialisation, healthier eating, a sharper mind for making decisions, it helps you surpass your mental barriers, develops your team spirit (mutual support).”

“An antidote for daily stress.”

“I’m glad to link new friendships, mutual motivation, adrenaline and I can disconnect from the daily routine, it helps me integrate within groups.”

“You may lose the game and be frustrated, tired (mentally and physically) and disappointed, especially by yourself and you can go out and win the game and then it’s a sweet feeling, very pleasant when you feel completely satisfied.”

“It’s a nice blend of relaxation and fatigue, you are relaxed mentally when running a race, it’s a strategy game, you get to know your body, it’s interesting to know how your body feels, you know it’s well hydrated.”

“I feel that it helps me be more organised, more relaxed, more attentive to my goals. While running I feel a sense of abandonment, but when I reach the end of the route I’m satisfied that I’ve done something that seemed beyond me at first.”

“I feel freedom, meet new people, I am filled with positive energy, relaxation and disconnect from everyday life.”

“I feel like every negative thought and care goes away and I enjoy the little things that we all somehow forget during that daily rush.”

What motivates you to do sports?

“The Bucegi 7500 race is interesting, worth experiencing at least once in life. The body is strained more, you want to sleep with your head on a rock, on a nail, on the grass just to sleep. Personally after I pass the “wall of sleep” I feel okay, the last climb I even ran at a pretty good pace, but for the first time you feel so strange, with an unknown mixture of fatigue and curiosity to go ahead, the cold in Bucegi is different from the cold in the Apuseni mountains.”“Participating in a marathon is a competition with yourself, adrenaline supports you throughout the route, you feed off the energy of the people around you, it’s about mutual support.”

“I like sports, exercise, teamwork, adrenaline, the idea of winning.”

“Practicing extreme sports gives you a feeling of adrenaline, which comes before occasional fear, new places, turbulent weather conditions, then there can be freedom, euphoria and total focus on doing what brings you entirely to the present, disappointment if your plan does not work out, and you realise you’ve done something wrong.”

“Riding a bicycle exhausts you but then you find the motivation to get over your fatigue and push forward.”

“Hiking gives me a feeling of peace and relaxation away from life in the city and helps me connect with nature.”

“Basketball means intensity, high stakes, the power of recovery, concentration, explosiveness, nerves and sometimes frustration, the sweet taste of victory after a great battle.”

During the Winter Teambuilding 2012. Photo provided by the joint Creative-Mobile Team :)

“Winter goes by faster if you practice a sport like skiing or snowboarding. They help me evolve, grant me experience, give me courage, they are a mixture of joy and fear of the cold.”“I found something that other sports have failed to provide in snowboarding, namely relaxation and release, release from stress and worries of the world.”

“Competitiveness, a reference person in life that represents the urge to overcome your own limitations.”

I cannot find my words at this moment when I remember the passion in the voices of those who’ve shared their experience.

When I started this project, I wasn’t aware of how much I’ve missed out on by not working out. I miss the girl-talk at the gym, the instructor who pushes us to work out, the feeling of excitement that comes with doing something other than sitting around, the joy afterwards that I’ve accomplished something important.

Now I can say: Let’s go for it!


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