TechEd 2013 – Day 1


The first day of TechEd Europe 2013 has just ended. What can I say? Wow! There were a lot of interesting sessions about Microsoft technology. I participated in a lot of sessions on different topics like big data, legacy code, loading and performance testing in the cloud and ways to increase your application’s performance.

Here are some ideas that I remember and I want to share with you:

  • Creating a virtual network with the machines we have in the cloud, which makes remote debugging from Visual Studio very easy.
  • With the new version of SQL Server and having an in-memory database we can increase our performance by a factor of 6x. If we recreate the store procedures the new SQL Server will create binary code for the store procedure (as DLL) – we can gain up to 26x better performance.
  • A tested and reviewed code will contain up to 70% less bugs.
  • PerfView is a great tool, I need to check it out.

If you deploy a VM or a website to Azure you can win a supercar (Microsoft content – I hope they will also pay the insurance).
See you tomorrow.


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