TechEd 2013 – Pre-Conference Day

TechEd Europe 2013 - Madrid 25-28 June 2013

TechEd is the Microsoft’s Premiere Event for IT Professionals & Enterprise Developers. Hands-on learning, deep product exploration, & countless opportunities to build relationships with a community of Microsoft experts and your peers.

The TechEd 2013 pre-conference day came to an end. It was a full day with interesting seminars. It was pretty hard for me to decide this morning what seminars I wanted to participate in. I couldn’t decide what seminar to choose. My choices were “Enterprise Agility is Not an Oxymoron” and “Extending Your Apps and Infrastructure into the Cloud”.

In the end I decided to go to the second presentation, where I found out a lot of cool information related to this topic. In the next part of the post I will enumerate some interesting information that I discovered:

  • In this moment, most applications that are hosted on Windows Azure are ON AND OFF or PREDICTABLE BURSTING. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expected the ON AND OFF apps to be on top.
  • Over 98% of organisations use and have virtualisation. This is a huge opportunity for cloud providers.
  • Be aware of the SLA. If the provider cannot offer the uptime from SLA you will receive the money back for the downtime, but you will not recover the money that you lost during that period of time when your app or service is down.
  • You can find a SQL Server VM image on VM library that can be used on the cloud without having to buy your own license for SQL Server.
  • For VM you pay per minute and not per hour. The first 5 minutes are free :-).

You can check the agenda of the entire conference and see the livestream for the selected sessions also here:

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