TechEd USA 2014

TechEd USA Radu Vunvulea iQuest 2014

TechEd is one of the biggest IT conferences worldwide organized by Microsoft each year. Today has been the last day of TechEd USA 2014, held in Hudson, Texas. There have been over 10.000 attendees at this conference from all over the world.

There are two great things this conference brings along. The first one is that it offers tens of sessions held in parallel. Every hour there are interesting sessions that you just don’t want to miss. You don’t get bored for a second. The second thing is related to the each session content. This is not an event dedicated only to Devs or IT Pros. This is the best opportunity to learn new things from areas that you don’t know very well. For example, as a developer you can attend an IT Pros session and understand in more detail how virtualization works or how your System Center manages tens of instances in an automated way.

As a developer, I can say this year’s TechEd was extremely interesting.

Why? Because the .NET architecture is changing. We have come to the point when Microsoft has announced that the next version of .NET will not require the .NET framework to be installed on machines. We will have applications written in .NET that will run on Linux, on Mac and on other types of devices. Web applications will be self-hosted, so we will not need IIS for them anymore, and we will be able to do this even from Linux systems. This is done with the help of the new ASP.NET, called vNext.

And that’s not all! The compilation engine will be changed and will give us the possibility to create our own custom compiler. And YES, ASP.NET is open-source on GitHub! Anybody can look in the code, change it, push modifications, and many more.

The world of Microsoft is changing very fast. Stay tuned and you will be surprised to see the new things this year will bring along.

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