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I want to tell you, even though it’s a bit late, but as they say ”it’s never too late”, about my participation in TEDx Eroilor. This edition’s theme was” Step Outside ” – a resolution for 2013, at least from my point of view. I identified very much with the speakers who spoke that day.

The one who broke the ice was Ada Roseti, Discovery Networks Program Director, a remarkable woman who admitted that, although public speaking frightens her, she decided to be there on stage and spoke with great elegance about anxiety remedies. She reminded us of our childhood, which pleased me because I have been thinking about that time of innocence a lot lately.

The next speaker was Octavian Segarceanu, spiritual adventurer and the author of a book called Namaste, a Humanitas bestseller in 2012. They say it’s hard for a writer to present his works in public and I think Mr. Segarceanu was no exception. But although he was nervous, he came on stage and read a small part of his work, about his journey to find himself, about the walls we raise in our desire to protect ourselves, all the while forgetting that life is what happens beyond those imaginary bricks. I was touched by this speech, and furthermore, I admired the courage he had to go on stage and share the memories and lessons that we picked up today.

Florina Onetiu was the third speaker, who initiated the Women’s Academy, the country’s first education project created specifically for women. Florina spoke to us about the woman in the box, about the obstacles we had to overcome throughout history.

Mr. Willy Schuster, who founded Ecoruralis and a dedicated supporter of organic agriculture, ended the first session of speeches. A very talkative man, he decided to follow his dream, and was happy that he made a part of this dream come true. He told us about his idea to create an organic farm and how this idea has sprouted, becoming a reality. He talked about a new term, downshifting, as a human ”transhumance” from city to country. Many people from the city visit Mr. Willy’s farm, wanting to learn what it means to have a bio household. He concluded his speech by telling us not to forget about the values ​​that are part of our journey in life.

During the break I had the opportunity to talk to this edition’s presenter, Bogdan Radulescu, actor and presenter of the Look Monden TV show, on Transilvania Live. Bogdan impressed me with his prowess of sneaking in a joke amongst the many speech invitations, helping to lighten the mood.

The second session of talks was opened by Lavinia Gliga, Senior Editor at “Decat o Revista”. She talked about Storytelling, the fact that a human life is a story or a sequence of stories that, put together, form a journey, and that we are joined by other people from whom we can learn new things or simply share our stories with. It depends on us how we tell the story, but it should be through it that we discover ourselves and find our emotions.

The second speaker was Constantin Trofin, a television personality. He presented his career path, encouraged us to be original, daring and to not miss our chance when we encounter it.

The person that followed Mr. Trofin was Dr. Melissa Lee Price, Associate Professor of Theatre and Television at the Babes – Bolyai University, specialising in New Media, who talked about Moocs (Massive Open Online Courses). Through this programme, we have the opportunity to attend some of the most prestigious Universities in the world, and the classes are provided for free by these institutions. I think she is a woman who is full of passion and creativity, a real example for me.

Andrei Aroneţ, blogger, volunteer and president of Habitat for Humanity was the seventh speaker of the TEDx Eroilor Step Outside edition, and he talked about volunteering and the fact that money is not the only way of valuing and rewarding a person.

Andrei Miu, associate professor at the Babes-Bolyai University’s Department of Psychology and director of the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience talked about one of the most important roles of parents, namely protecting children from stress. ”The way you live in the present influences your future overwhelmingly.”

There was also an artistic moment offered by a new musical duo consisting of Casiana Horopciuc and Tibi Menyhart, two very talented young people, who have delighted us with the songs they have chosen and if I think about it more, they managed to shape the day’s story into more of a whole.

TEDx participants were given the opportunity to send a personalised message to a bear in the wild, through a contest created by WWF Romania, one of this edition’s sponsors.

iQuest, the main sponsor of these TEDx editions, set up the Envision the Future booth where you could go and talk about how you see life in more than 15 years. It was an encouragement to creativity, but also an analysis of present objectives.

This contest also offers great prizes. The contest is still going until today at 5.00 pm, so go votefor your favorite video and let the most voted one win!


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