TEDx Zurich 2013

iQuest Sponsors TEDx Zurich 2013

We are glad to have supported TEDx Zurich 2013 and to have worked with this wonderful team to promote the sharing of ideas under the TED’s philosophy of “ideas worth spreading”. This is why we’re happy to present some of the highlights of this year’s event and the feedback we received from the organizers.

It is truly amazing to see what a handful of people, the right people, can do if they are really engaged and know their stuff, doing all of the work in their spare time and without getting paid. Quite incredible.

A word from our partners at TEDx Zurich:

The cooperation with iQuest as one of our partners was a joy – even though we were quite remote, as iQuest only opened their Swiss office in mid-September and we therefore were in contact across countries from Switzerland to Romania and vice versa we worked well and intensely together. I enjoyed working with the professionals from iQuest’s marketing team. We were and are very happy to have partners like you and we really appreciate iQuest’s support!

You can also see the entire storify of the event or watch the video highlights below to get the whole view of the day. The video provided by @JOIZ, is part in German and part in English, incorporating some of the participants’ opinions.

You can also find selected photos from the event on iQuest’s Facebook page.

Let’s meet again next year!


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