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I‘ve decided to ‘Step Outside’ and share some thoughts regarding my experience at TEDxEroilor 2013.

iQuest was one of the sponsors and offered the participants a chance to take part in a contest. Everyone in the room could step inside the iQuest videobox and share their vision of what the next 15 years could look like. I was there as a sponsor representative and I had to make sure everything went according to plan. So, in other words, I was doing my job.

However, the people who were present at TEDxEroilor, chose to spend a sunny Saturday inside. Why? They all had the same wish and a similar type of energy: to meet some new people and learn from other peoples’ experiences.

I am not quite sure if you are familiar with this aspect, but in order to be a participant at TEDx, you must fill out a form and the organiser selects the lucky participants. Every speaker had a memorable story.

I was impressed by Willy Schuster’s spontaneity and sincerity, by the deep emotional vibe transmitted by Lavinia Gliga, and last but not least by Constantin Trofin’s professionalism. I could not believe that a MAN could give up on his EGO and start his journey of finding himself, and then speak loudly about that. I look forward to reading Octavian Segarceanu’s book, entitled Nama Ste, and find out the entire story.

I consider that after a full day of lessons and instructive speeches, I went home feeling enriched. I am glad that I can share my experience with you. The most important thing you get from such an event is that the people there always learn something new.  And they can share their experience with the others …and that goes viral. That makes more and more of us become more enriched, more conscious, and wiser.

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