The Computer Centre in Sibiu’s Children’s Town


Eduard Jarnea, Gepi Rosenfeld and I wanted to get involved in the event which took place this year on 2 June in Sibiu’s Children’s Town. You can find a short video about one of the previous events here (Romanian).

The project consisted of setting up a small city for children where they could find representatives from most of the institutions in Sibiu: Police, SMURD (Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication), the Philharmonic, local Hospitals, the Theatre, etc. The children were given a passport which granted them access to the booths. There were several interesting and fun activities for children at each booth.

Eduard had the idea of creating a “Computer Centre” tent where kids could get information and they could get involved in activities involving technology. iQuest helped us out with T-shirts for us to wear there, stress brains and candy for the children who visited our “Computer Centre” and also got involved in the activities we set up.

Darian Decean, one of Gepi’s friends, brought in all the old computer and laptop parts. We started setting up the booth at around 9:00 AM. Our team consisted of me, Gepi, Eduard and Ioana.

We set up the computer parts (received from Summit Sibiu) on two tables, we put up posters with information about the history of computers and we had another table where we put up “viruses” which the kids could knock down using antivirus balls, as a fun activity.

The event lasted until 15.00 and I can honestly say that we were all exhausted by then  but it was worth it. Children interested in computers came by our booth along with their parents. Ioana Comsa, Mihai and Daniel, colleagues from Sibiu, paid us a visit during the later part of the event. The stress brains and the candy were a hit with kids.

We have a funny poem by Gepi about Children’s Day and we’d like to share it:

We had our share of sunshine
And countless gleeful smiles
Of kids whose will entwined
With killing bugs … in piles.

Behind this lively play
Lay useful information,
Which took a bit of brain
To make it education.

The block is a capacitor;
The wind comes from the cooler;
The disco’s a processor…
Behold! That’s a computer!

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