The First Romanian Supersonic Airplane Model Exibition


We have always supported passion and initiative. In 2013, iQuest continues the partnership with ARCA, began in March 2012.

For its 15th anniversary, iQuest invited ARCA to have together a special exhibition in the Cluj-Napoca Airport, dedicated to innovation and passion. If you have flights from Cluj, you are invited to see the detachable IAR 111 aircraft capsule and the scale model of the aircraft from the ARCA space program in the airport public check-in area.

The Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association (ARCA) is a non-governmental organisation carrying out the Romanian Space Programme (2012-2025).

They have great dreams: the development of the Executor rocket engine, development of the IAR-111 supersonic aircraft carrier for the Haas II rocket, winning the 30 million $, participation in the Google Lunar X Prize competition using the IAR-111/Haas II combination, development of the Super Haas orbital rocket, capable of placing a 2,5 ton payload in orbit, launching a cosmonaut into Earth’s orbit until the year 2025 using the Super Haas launcher.

ARCA is currently focusing on the ExoMars program for the European Space Agency. During the program ARCA will prepare a succession of flights to qualify the recovery equipment for the ExoMars spaceship that will leave Earth for Mars in 2016 on a Proton Rocket.

ARCA has recently been invited by NASA, to commemorate 20 years from the first Delta Clipper Experimental (DC-X) rocket flight. You can find out more about ARCA activities at

So what can you see in Cluj Napoca Airport? Checkout the details below:

IAR 111 is a supersonic aircraft project, designed by ARCA, intended to transport a rocket payload up to 16,000 m and at 1,5 Mach speed and for developing space tourism related technologies. The aircraft is to be constructed almost entirely from composite materials, and will be designed for take-off and landing from the sea surface.

The aircraft will have a crew of two persons, the pilot and the navigator, standing in the plane capsule. The aircraft capsule is detachable and is equipped with two rocket-propelled parachutes. As such the capsule can be separated form the aircraft at speeds between Mach 0-1.2 and heights above 300 feet and can return the crew safely to the sea surface. You can see some photos below and for the full gallery please visit our Facebook page.

Do let us know in a comment what do you think about this Romanian endeavor?

DSC_0816-s DSC_0819-s


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